Precision Engraved Metal Disc Golf Markers

Designed by Monomerâ„¢


Every Monomer Marker is designed to comply with PDGA technical standards and is approved for professional and amateur tournament play

Built to Last

We professionally manufacture all Markers using a precipitation-hardened, corrosion-resistant, 6061 aluminum alloy, paired with a state-of-the-art anodized finish to guarantee the highest possible quality available


Whether it’s upgrading your own game or gifting to your favorite disc golfer, a premium Monomer Marker is guaranteed to provide a strong, stylish, and dependable marker you’ll use on every course

Discover Precision and Quality with Monomer Markers: The Go-To Source for Premium Markers and More!

We Have You Covered

Whether you’re just getting started, or a long-time veteran of the game, Markers act as the fundamental base for any disc golf bag. At Monomer Markers, we combine the highest quality materials with professional manufacturing and precision engraving to provide you with a unique, durable, and practical Marker.

What is a Marker and What Are They Used For?

Disc Golf Markers, also known as “minis”, are used to mark the lie of a previously thrown disc and are required for all regulated tournament play. The exact dimensions of a legal disc golf marker is decided by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) and clearly laid out in their Technical Standards. Using a PDGA official Marker designed by Monomer Markers will help to transform your game from amateur to ace with every use.

Why We’re Different

The sport of Disc Golf is filled with uncommon individuals harboring a rare sense of originality and passion. Our goal is to help foster that unique spirit by providing, not only a product of the highest quality, but a new and practical member to your bag that will bring with it a sense of individuality, luxury, and achievement.

Best Selling Designs

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Got a Vision?

If you have an idea for a custom marker, we’d love to hear it! Drop us a line below and we can help turn your design into a one-of-a-kind marker you’ll never play without.


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